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Welcome To Colorado
    the way it was...

Colorado’s past, perhaps more than any other state in the union, best exemplifies the tenacity of the American spirit through true tales of its boom and bust era’s of the 1800’s.


We learn more and more about Colorado’s past every day, and hope to continue updating this site on a regular basis.  We hope you’ll keep revisiting us!

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“There is but one Leadville and never will there be another.”

              - Carlyle Channing Davis  -  1916



Leadville, once slated to be the capital of Colorado, was home to some of the most famous and infamous characters in American history.  It was said that anyone who was anyone, had visited Leadville at least once... and the more you visited, the more you became entranced with its rugged beauty and unlimited possibilities.



Leadville’s Guests:

A small handful of the countless names from Leadville’s “guest register”:


- Susan B. Anthony

- John Henry “Doc” Holliday

- David May (founder of Foley’s/Macy’s)

- FIVE U.S. Presidents

- Charles Dow (founder of Dow -Jones)

- Meyer Guggenheim & Sons

- “Unsinkable” Molly Brown

- Houdini

- Oscar Wilde

- Horace and “Baby” Doe Tabor

More About Leadville

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