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Dave Wright, current owner the state’s third longest continually operating restaurant (The Golden Burro Cafe & Lounge  -  NEVER closed since 1938) has produced more video productions about Colorado history than any one else... virtually every production has earned him a national or international award.


He has scaled cliffs and personally hiked countless high elevation mountains in Colorado in order to capture footage where most men will never go.


But his real love is telling the stories of Colorado’s past, especially about his beloved Leadville where he believes more history lies untold than any other place in early Colorado history.


And if you don’t believe it, stop in any time at the “Brass Ass” and ask him about the history of Leadville... plan on spending a few days...

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Dave Wright

Universal Systems, Inc.

c/o The Historic Golden Burro

710 Harrison Ave.

Leadville, CO   80461

Dave Wright - Owner

Historic Golden Burro Cafe

(Leadville, Colorado)

Leadville’s Past Compared to Today

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