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Award Winning Videos, featuring famous (and often untold) stories about some of Colorado’s most intriguing mining camps, boom towns and the characters behind them!   


Universal Systems, Inc., remains one of Colorado’s most recognized video production companies specializing in documentaries about Colorado’s amazing history.
















Enjoy Leadville’s Story of Baby Doe Tabor, Leadville Marshal Martin Duggan, Leadville’s Story of Doc Holliday, Discovery of the California Gulch, Leadville’s Story of Cy Minich (1 of only 3 legal hangings in Leadville) and many others.  Colorado’s Ghost Towns and Mining Camps series have won numerous international awards.


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Amazing footage, shot in spectacular digital format, is a part of these productions.  Many areas were made accessible to the camera crews of Universal Systems by special permission and exclusive permit only...


...many areas have not been seen by human eyes for over a century or longer, and many are virtually inaccessible to the general public or impossible to navigate to.