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The Ghost Towns of Colorado

They lasted for a month, a year or sometimes longer... some are still “alive” today while others left only their name on some obscure map over a century ago.  They were stage stops or short lived post offices, while some evolved into thriving metropolis’s.  Some left no mark for future generations, while others changed the course of history... is proud to be a part of the Universal Systems network, an award winning video production company specializing in historical documentaries about Colorado history...

...researched for accuracy like no other...

...footage shot where man has not been for over a century...

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In an effort to preserve the marks left by our grandfathers and their fathers who pioneered Colorado, we’ve made every effort possible to locate and define every Colorado town, past and present that at one time or another was “home” to these amazing explorers.


From archived maps, U.S. Post Office records, memoirs of past explorers who took time to write of their adventures, and countless hours in libraries, attics and newspaper offices, we’ve compiled a list of over 5,300 of these “towns” and attempted to research their history.


Many are nothing but a dot on a map, with no historical records... but the research continues and we add, modify and correct information to this data base as we locate it.