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The Amazing Leadville

Millionaires were made overnight.  Presidents and Senators invested heavily in the mines of Leadville, and names like Boetcher and Guggenheim amassed their fortunes here.


Boasting at one time 30,000 residents, Leadville had it all. The most beautiful Victorian homes and lifestyles in the nation, while the streets harbored well known gunslingers and crooks like the Younger Gang, Jefferson “Soapy” Smith, and the most famous dentist of all, Doc Holliday.


Leadville was home to the Tabors who brought the most famous rags-to-riches-and-back-to-rags story to the nations newspaper’s front pages.



No Law?

The wild and wooly “no limits” boom town of Leadville wasn’t all that open to having law and order.  Its first marshal lasted 3 days... Its second marshal (above) was murdered after 23 days.  


It took a tough “no nonsense” man like Martin Duggan to bring order to Leadville, but who was also later murdered by thugs F

Leadville Marshal

George O’Conner

Leadville “Tid-Bit”...


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